Conference History

First ICOVP was held during Otober 27-30, 1990 at A. C. College, Jalpaiguri - India, under the co-Chairmanship of two scientists, namely, Professors M. M. Banerjee and P. Biswas.

The Conferences of these series are:

  • ICOVP1990, A. C. College, Jalpaiguri - India
  • ICOVP1993, A. C. College, Jalpaiguri - India
  • ICOVP1996, University of North Bengal - India
  • ICOVP1999, Jadavpur University, West Bengal - India
  • ICOVP2001, IMASH, Moscow -  Russia
  • ICOVP2003, Technical University of Liberec - Czech Republic
  • ICOVP2005, Isik University, Sile, Istanbul - Turkey
  • ICOVP2007, Bengal Engineering and Science University, Shibpur - India
  • ICOVP2009, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur -  India
last update: March 17, 2011



During the late eighties of the last century there was  little research facilities in North Bengal.  Moreover,  it was felt that the young research workers  were missing the international exposer in their research areas. In addition to that it was felt that an international conference, exclusively on vibration problems, was long overdue.  So two teachers from North Bengal took a bold venture to hold the First Conference of the ICOVP series during October 27-30, 1990 at A. C. College, Jalpaiguri, India, under the Co-chairmanship of those two teachers, namely, Professor M. M. Banerjee from the host institution and Professor P. Biswas from the sister organisation, A. C. College of Commerce, in the name of "International Conference on vibration Problems of Mathematical Elasticity and Physics".

 For the organisers it was a success in the sense that in fact a dream came true and this became a source of inspiration to hold the second of the series in 1993, at the same venue, devoted to the revered memory of Professor M. N. Saha, the great physicist of India on his birth centenary.  The most important aspect of this conference was to involve Professor C. K. Majumdar, the-then Director, S. N. Bose National Centre of Basic Sciences (SNBNCBS), Calcutta, a great scholar and a true academician, as the chairman of the activity, who remained a source of constant inspiration of all the activities till he met an accidental death in May 2000.

The University of North Bengal became the third venue (Nov. 27-30, 1996) when the title of the activity was changed to the present one.  During the nineties some major earthquakes took place in different places prone to such phenomenon. So, the Seismic vibration became the major topic of the fourth ICOVP, held in Jadavpur University, Calcutta, the "City of Joy", (Nov. 27-39, 1999), one of the pioneer technical institutions in Eastern India.

The ICOVP Activities  enjoyed the valued support from different Government and Non-Governement agencies in India, the main sponsors being, University Grants Commission (UGC), New Delhi,  SNBNCBS-Calcutta,  Dept. of Sc. & Technology (Govt. of India), Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB)-Bombay, Indian National Science Academy-New Delhi and a few more.

To add an international charachter to ICOVP-activities the venue was shifted to Moscow. Professor C. K. Majumdar took the initiative, chaired a meeting on November 28, 1999,  with the Russian Delegates and a decision was taken to shift the venue outside India.Thus the 5th ICOVP was held in Moscow (Oct.8-10, 2001) under the co-chairmanhip of Professors Konstantin V. Frolov and Dimitri V Klimov from Russian Academy of Sciences and from then on the event became a biennial conference.

Thus the activity rolled on and  gained momentum. The 6th event was the outcome of sincere efforts made by partcipants from Czech Republic. Special mention may be made of Profesors A. Tondl (Institute of Thermomechanics) and L. Prasil and J. Skliba of Technical University of Liberec.  The sincere and creative efforts of Professor B. Marvalova must be mentioned in holding  the 6th ICOVP in Liberec, Czech Republic, during September 8-12, 2003. The organisers of ICOVP-2003 had an added task of celebrating the 50th anniversary of foundation of the University as well as the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.

The essense of ICOVP attracted the attenion of Istanbul academicians like Professors Esin Inan and Orhan Aksogan and it is due to  Professor Inan's strong dedication and hard labour that bestowed on the ICOVP a true international character on the 7th ICOVP-activity (Isik University, Istanbul, Sept. 5-9, 2005).  I personally felt delighted to see the young researchers from Turkey came forward bravely to fulfil the main idea behind the event.

After three consecutive events outside India it was felt that the activity be returned to India and the next two conferences were held in two best technical institutions in Eastern India. The 8th (Jan. 30-Feb. 3, 2007) in Bengal Engineering & Science University, Shibpur, Howrah and the 9th (Jan. 19-22, 2009) in the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, were held smoothly in keeping with the established reputaion mixed with the special social essence of the Indian culture.

As usual we had to fix the next venue before the current event started. The permanent secretariat requested Professor Marvalova again whether it was possible for her to organise the ICOVP-2011 in Czech Republic.  The instantaneous positive reply form her is a thrilling one and it will remain so for ever in my mind.  Professor Vojtech Konopa, then President of Technical University of Liberec, was kind enough to accept and send his approval on 23-09-2008, well ahead of the ICOVP-2009 schedule.  On behalf of the Permanent Secretariat I express my sincere gratitude to Professors Konopa and Marvalova for their effective role in holding the ICOVP-2011 in Prague.

The 10th ICOVP has a most efficient Organising Committee chaired by Professor Iva Petrikova, TUL.  As we have seen in our 2003-event, it is our strong belief that the participants of this event will also enjoy their presence both scientifically and socially.  The success of  the event  depends absolutely on the valued and fruitful contribution of the author-participants in the technical sessions. 

The publication of the conference volumes is a necessity and should stand as  a pillar of success.  It is really worth mentioning that since 1990 more or less each event has its published volume except in 2001 while we have publications either in abstract forms or in Compact disks (2003 and 2009). Of all the published volumes, the 2005 and 2007 volumes were published by Springer and the present conference volume will also be expected to be a Springer's publication.

Dear participants! Prague welcomes  you to enjoy your stay here in a meaningful way.

last update: December 30, 2010